About Pearson Workforce Skills

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    Solving the Skills Challenge

    The world of work is changing fast. Pearson Workforce Skills helps organizations understand, retain, and enhance their most vital asset—their people.

    A comprehensive set of workforce planning and talent management solutions meet the rapidly changing needs of today’s competitive landscape and bridge the global skills gap.

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    People will need reskilling by 2030

    30 %

    Of jobs are at risk of automation by 2030

    83 %

    Of organizations experience a skills gap

    The Pearson Workforce Skills Story

    Pearson is creating a skills-based ecosystem that transforms the world of talent. Our solution is people-focused, combining opportunities for engagement across workforce management, strategic workforce planning, recruiting efforts, and learning opportunities.

    Comprehensive Talent Management Solutions for the Modern Workforce

    Prepare your organization for the future of the work and inspire lifelong learning.

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