Transforming the talent dynamic to thrive in healthcare

    2 million U.S. healthcare workers’ jobs will be affected by evolving technology in the next five years. Address the critical talent gaps with skills-based solutions to meet future patient needs.

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    Future-proof performance through innovation in workforce skills

    Talent shortages and staff burnout are symptoms of healthcare’s workforce challenges. At the same time, digital-driven change and evolving patient expectations are widening the gap between current skills and those needed for the future.

    We offer a data-driven approach to strategic workforce planning — from understanding future needs to upskilling and reskilling the current workforce.

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    Embrace the healthcare roles of the future

    Clinical and medical knowledge must mesh with advanced people skills that technology can’t replace. For example, help desk managers, risk management specialists, and storage and distribution managers will be critical to digital transformation as health care systems seek to seamlessly marry high-touch and high-tech capabilities for better patient outcomes. At the same time, nurses, senior home health aides, medical & health services team leaders will also be in growing demand to meet the care needs of an aging population.





    Upgrading skills is crucial for a critical industry

    Between the pressures of growing demand and new technologies, such as AI and robotics, healthcare organizations are rethinking the roles and skills they need for long-term success. Traditional clinical roles, coupled with strong social intelligence, will remain critical. Project risk management, public cloud and cost reduction skills, however, will also be in demand.

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    Harness data in workforce management

    As demand increases for certain skills, such as for specific medical procedures, nursing management and emergency preparedness, actionable data about who in your workforce has those skills already is invaluable.

    Credly by Pearson provides you with the information you need to make it easier to spotlight organizational strengths, identify skill gaps to resolve with training and redeploy talent to meet critical needs.

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    a secure suite of workforce solutions

    Tap reliable technology for workforce transformation

    Because healthcare services are highly regulated and a critical part of the economy, cybersecurity and resilience are critical. Credly by Pearson’s integrated and secure suite of workforce solutions gives you the tools to future-proof your healthcare workforce.

    The industry-leading Acclaim platform provides employees and employers verified digital credentials, while Workforce enables leadership to see what skills employees have and what skills they’ll need.

    Faethm data services can help you understand where the healthcare industry is headed, how to plan your organization to stay competitive, and gives you the tools to create learning pathways to bridge the gap between your current and future workforce. Paired with Pearson TalentLens to help you accurately assess job candidates against job requirements and better predict employee performance, you have a powerful workforce planning solution.

    You can also leverage world-class Professional Services to help you define your approach, develop success metrics and scale digital credential initiatives, while also assisting with job analysis, credential-to-learning path evaluations and change management plans.

    Enterprise-class hosting and disaster recovery ensure your data remains safe and secure, allowing you to focus on building the healthcare workforce of the future. Integrations with other commonly used HR and learning platforms make it easy to add Credly by Pearson’s products to existing systems.

    Trusted By World-Class Organizations

    “Faethm helps you find supply that you already have internally within your workforce. That's been an aisle to cross-reference the skills of your current jobs to create new jobs that you’ll need to support.” 

    AJ Herrmann, Executive Director, Strategic Workforce Planning
    Cleveland Clinic

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